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Custom Training

Her training was universally recognized by our clients as among the best they’ve had and training that produced both short and long term positive results… oh, and she knows how to make learning fun! B. Bechill

Exam prep, study groups, custom employee training- this is a core competency for us here at epocHResources. We get it. From instructional design to facilitation of strategy meetings, we have the talent to fit your need. Beginning with the end in mind, we build training and facilitation sessions to clearly defined outcomes- it’s the only way to measure training success. Topics can be customized such as “How to Complete Performance Appraisals” or “Time Management for Supervisors”. Other topics may be compliance driven, for example safety or sexual harassment. We specialize in immersion training for PHR and SPHR exams. Regardless of your topic, call today for your free training needs assessment.

Supervisor & Leadership Training

Don’t wait until it’s too late to build a cohesive management team. Launch your efforts with management and leadership training designed to motivate your high potential employees and supervisors to step up to their talent. We use proven strategized and personalized techniques to help your HiPo’s reach their full potential.

Human Resource Consulting

I greatly appreciate her listening skills and ability to assess risk and meld the mandated guidelines with the unique culture of our business. S. Carroll

If you are reading this right now trust your instinct; it’s time to act. Whether uncertain about which labor laws apply to your organization, or if you have a difficult employee for whom you need advice on handling, we can help. Perhaps your organization needs the framework built from which to exercise human resource activities, or customized training for a work group. There is no substitution for the peace of mind that comes from having a professional outside resource to call when the moment strikes, so reach out today for your complimentary client intake.

Management Development

This young woman, through working with Sandy one-on-one, learned her true potential and took giant steps forward along a new career path.  S. Halligan

One of the most common mistakes small employers make is promoting their most productive worker into the role of management. These “Type A” personalities are excellent at getting the job done- by themselves. Our management development activities are focused on helping your managers get work done through others, learning critical soft-skills and gaining clarity on their true role within their organization. This includes not only identifying their strengths and weaknesses, but how those strengths can be overused under certain conditions.

Strategic Planning

Sandy has played an instrumental role as a strategic planning facilitator guiding my management team through some very difficult times during the recession. She is always prepared, has an amazing ability to articulate challenging circumstances and is very systematic in stating important outcomes.  T. Schneider

We know strategy has to have an operational component, especially for small businesses that have shared responsibilities between every single job within the organization. Because we work with companies that have less than 100 employees on an exclusive basis, we are positioned to understand the very unique needs of strategic planning when all resources are “otherwise allocated”. It’s all about creative problem solving and thoughtful execution, and we know we can help move that ball forward, regardless of your industry or size.

Speaking Engagements

She kept the audience engaged during the entire training with just the right mix of group activities and presentation. O. Reynoso

Whether leading workshops or speaking to large groups, Sandy is recognized as a premier presenter  to both large and small groups.  With a strong focus on audience engagement, Sandy takes a practical approach to speaking that includes real world studies and as an author, is positioned as a thought-leader in the field of human resources.

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