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We are passionate about these exams, and committed to promoting the industry of Human Resources through excellence in certification!  The more certified professionals, the more consistent application of HR best practices.  The more best practices, the more credible our profession.  We know how important you are to the organization, and want to help you effectively communicate your talent.  Certification is the best way to do this, and that is why you must succeed.

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Helping students strategically navigate both the exam and preparation process is critical.  We recognize that adult learners process information through the context of experience, and need more than just a textbook as a filter. That’s where you come in! Our resources are built around the exam bodies of knowledge, giving you the confidence to assign, direct, and measure a student’s progress throughout the preparation period.  No need to reinvent any wheels, you can use ours.

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What People Think of epocHResources Training Materials

I’ve used this book for both my PHR and SPHR for test preparation and passed both with flying colors. The flash card feature and practice tests are invaluable for developing rapid response to the questions. It also helps to relieve ‘test anxiety’ especially for older applicants. I was so well prepared for the SPHR using this book, that I almost panicked after finishing so much earlier than other people testing. I highly recommend it for individuals that have to fund their own testing and test prep for lack of company assistance.

This book was basically my primary study source, and I highly recommend it for anyone who cannot afford taking the classes. I would also strongly encourage everyone to use the additional electronic material as well. The one advice I would give is to remember that this book focuses on specific terms and areas of study, but the test will ask you to apply what you’ve learned in a much more abstract, general sense. So take the tests after each chapter until you know the key concepts (not just the terms) and you should be fine!

I took the PHR exam yesterday and passed. This book was my only resource, besides my experience and Master’s degree. I read through this book once, and took all the practice exams including through the software interface. I definitely could have prepared myself more, it’s not an easy test and so many of the answers are similar to the others. But there wasn’t a single question that I didn’t remember being covered in this study guide. I thank the authors for such a thorough, and well designed study guide!

There are lots of study tools out there and, for the most part, they are pretty much the same. I actually like this book better than most because it is laid out well and is easy to use. And with other learning systems costing upwards of $800 or more, this is the best source for the money. As certification director and VP of Professional Development for our local SHRM chapter, I recommend that anyone studying for the PHR or SPHR use multiple sources for best results and I would start here.

This was the only study guide I used for the PHR exam. And I am glad to report that I passed. This book contains enough information for you to be successful on the exam. It is easy to read, and the practice questions really mirror the actual exam questions. Take your time when reading this book, because things you may think is not important will be on the exam. Good luck!

I would read this one if you’re taking the test. It’s so much easier to read than the SHRM books and gives better explanations which assists with the application portion of the test. I read the SHRM books and was still confused but after reading this I felt confident when taking the test.

I didn’t want to spend the $800 for the SHRM online material, so a friend recommended this book and I’m glad I took his advice. I used this book exclusively for studying for my SPHR exam and passed on the first try! Like some of the other reviewers said, it’s a little wordy and can be confusing because information is repeated throughout the book, but if you’re able to get past that and focus on the pertinent information, this is a great study guide because not only does it provide all the information that’s in the SHRM material, but it goes further by providing background information and ‘real life’ stories and case studies to help with your comprehension of the material. The online tests and flash cards are also great tools.