#inmynextlife- Passion as a Second Career

I took my son to the Imagine Dragons concert last weekend in South Lake Tahoe. It was his birthday, and tweenage summer concerts are a rite of passage in our house. While I like the band, I prepared to simply tolerate the experience as an expression of good parenting (despite the fact that I grabbed a beer on the way to our seats).

The band’s final performance included a mad-dog drum circle that left my heart hammering, feet vibrating and ears ringing, and it was then that I had an epiphany:

“I’m in the wrong career. Instead of an HR Consultant, I was supposed to be a drummer for Imagine Dragons.”

Go ahead and laugh.   I’m a 40 some-odd-year-happy-mother-of-two and I don’t play the drums. Seems ridiculous, right? But it got me to thinking about what I would be doing if I had not answered an ad for a receptionist at a temp. agency so many years ago. Or what I would be doing if I worked my passion rather than worked my fear. And here is what I discovered:

  • Don’t assume you are in the wrong career. Many of us gravitate toward and are successful in cross-over careers that use our natural skill set. While I am not a drummer, I am a trainer, and every time I am up on stage I am performing.
  • Some passions are too concentrated to be lived 24/7. I like that I can take off for a weekend and give myself permission to manage something other than my to-do list. Because I am not immersed in my obsessions, I am free to fully engage when appropriate. This distance keeps my joy from being diluted by the mundacity of day-to-day performance (I think I just made up a word).
  • I need to be uncomfortable. Being “too good” at something makes me lazy which in turn creates stagnation. HR changes every year, forcing me to engage my brain to stay at the top of my game, which in turn fuels growth. And what’s the opposite of growth? Wasting away. No. Thank. You.

Truth: I’m young enough to have a second career if I so choose. It’s unlikely that it will be as a professional drummer, but it sure as heck can be extremely different from my work today. In my current role I get to consult, teach and author books while having the flexibility to sit at my son’s golf tourney while I write my very first blog. This works for me right now. But I don’t for a second believe that this is the final destination of my career path, and neither should you believe that about your current circumstances.

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