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Need help getting started on the preparation journey? Our goal is first and foremost the needs of the adult learner. That’s why we offer templates for workbook organization, a sample study calendar and best of all, a few free topical worksheets to get you started. StudentInstructor Resources

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Practical: “theory in practice”. Practice: “application of theory”. Experts agree that using multiple resources in multiple ways is a best practice when studying for an exam. Textbook. Practice exams. Worksheets. Case studies. All here in one place. After all, practice really does make perfect. Learn more..

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Human Capital, Human Talent, Human Resources: call it what you will, but the people of your organization are at the heart of a successful business. We focus on the human element present throughout the life cycle of the employee, from job descriptions to separations. Contact us today for free needs assessment. If you’re reading this, it’s time to act. Learn More...

Do you remember playing the game “Pin the Tail on the Donkey”, where you were expected to feel your way blindly toward a target after being spun around and around? Career development and company alignment to changing market conditions share similar attributes to this odd little children’s game. Too often, professionals get caught up in day-to-day routines, spinning around and taking action while wearing blindfolds to the opportunities and threats paving the road to their goals- the sight line to True North is obscured. At epocHResources, we help clear your vision and steady your feet, setting you back on the path toward success.

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